Hubbard Family,
  • Family Meeting
       Saturday, 3 March 2018 from  3-5 pm
       Chuck & Linda Swain’s home
       3478 North Chatham Road           
       Ellicott City, MD 21042
  • Conference Call #
       (712) 832-8310

                            Hubbard Family Circle Meeting
                            March 3, 2018
                            3:00 p.m.

Persons In Attendance:

Linda Swain                            Michelle Friend
Elizabeth Friend                     Iris Carter  
Stella Grate                            Yvette Alexander
Mary Battle                            Christina Thomas
                                                 Jackie  Brice

    The Hubbard Family Circle met on the above date and time at the home of Chuck and Linda Swain . Opening Prayer was given by Mary Battle.
As of March 3, 2018, we have $527.11 in the treasure. Dues need to be paid for 2 years if possible since there wasn't a reunion in 2017 and should be paid by April 30, 2018. The Hosts fee will be given in 2 installments of $300.
Monetary gifts will be given to graduates based on the amount of money in treasure. Monetary gifts are given if the family member is in good financial standings. Dues for 2017 & 2018 should be paid in order to be in good standings.
Students in elementary and middle school will receive certificates for promotion and achievement.  School supplies will be given out. Donations and/ or supplies should be given to Jackie  Brice.
Yvette will be updating the family directory. Packets will be mailed to the elders of the family. Elizabeth Friend, Stella Grate, and Mary Battle will not be mailed a packet because they were present at the meeting. Everyone else will receive information via email. Check the Hubbard Facebook Page and The Hubbard Family Webpage. Family members should adhere to the deadline dates.
The next meeting will be held on May 5, 2018.
Closing Prayer was given by Elizabeth Friend.
Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle A. Friend - Treasurer
There are no 2016 or 2017 meeting minutes submitted to date to report. Our committee chairman leadership should be working to correct this.
Minutes - Hubbard Reunion Meeting
Time:  3:00pm
Date:  Saturday March 7, 2015
Place:  Chuck & Linda Swain’s home
3478 N. Chatham Road
Ellicott City, MD  21042
Conference Call #
Attendees (*via conference call):
Representing Willie Pearl Hubbard’s family – Mary Battle, *Kim Brandon, Elizabeth Friend, Michelle Friend, Linda Swain
Representing Evelyn (Hubbard) Chambers’ family - *Carolyn Yellock (Hubbard Reunion Host)
Representing Janie (Hubbard) Perkins’ family – Yvette Alexander, Iris Carter, Stella Grate
Representing Mary (Hubbard) Barksdale’s family – Dianne Franklin
Call to order and Opening Prayer
Linda calls the meeting to order and opens in prayer.  The following handouts were passed out – the Agenda for the meeting, Hubbard history summary, new family business structure, Iris’ family contact information, the Hubbard Reunion packet and Bus information from Iris.
Linda announces persons attending the meeting.  Among the hand outs is a brief description of the Hubbard history.  Linda states that the descendants of Collie Hubbard’s children are attending today’s meeting and she shares the families that are represented (Willie P., Evelyn, Janie and Mary).  Dianne shares that Aunt Louise (Hubbard) Goode said Nannie’s children are interested in participating.  Nannie is one of Carson Hubbard’s children.  Linda said we need their contact information.
Family Structure
Linda reviews the family structure.  The traditional structure of officers was changed via a vote at the 2014 family reunion.  We have a Chairman for each state/region as well as a main Chairman for Baltimore, Maryland (where the majority of the family resides).  Michelle Friend will continue as treasurer, Dianne Franklin will continue as historian, Mary Battle will continue as Asst. historian, minutes will be done by Yvette Alexander (when she is able to come) and prayer and minutes will be done by designated family members present at meetings.   Linda announces that the Virginia Chairman will be Sandra Hughes.  She lives in New Jersey but she is in regular contact with the family in Virginia. 
Hubbard Directory
Linda wants to briefly discuss the Hubbard directory ahead of the items on the agenda.  We need to get updated contact information.  Linda says she met with Iris and Carolyn and reviewed the directory that Dianne sent to her.  We need current addresses, phone numbers, cell numbers and e-mail addresses.  Carolyn used some of the addresses to send Reunion information.  Iris is working on her family and Linda asks Dianne to help Aunt Louise with the Carson side of the family.
Treasury Report
Michelle reviews the treasury balance from January 2014 to the present.  She lists all deductions, deposits and the final balance.  Michelle has a list of everyone who paid their dues.  Linda asks the family to pay dues for 2015 and 2014 (if not paid).  The family dues are $40.00 per family, per year and $40.00 for every young adult family member (18 and older) who is not a student and is working full time.  Iris asks if family members can receive a copy of the treasury report.  Michelle says she will type it up and send via e-mail to anyone that would like a copy.  Linda says that the Reunion host is suppose to get $600.00 but because we did not have it, we sent $300.00.  Daryl Chambers sent his 2014 and 2015 Hubbard dues to Carolyn.   The family will deduct Daryl’s dues from the amount they need to send to Carolyn leaving only $220.00 the family needs to send.
Hubbard Directory
Linda emphasizes the need for current contact information so the Hubbard Directory can be updated and printed.  The directory has not been printed since 2012 and Linda received a 2o15 directory from Dianne that had 2012 information on it (with the exception of some updates Dianne received and posted).  Mary said some of her family’s information is not on the directory.  She will get that information.  Linda wants Yvette Alexander to begin updating the Hubbard Directory.  Yvette will do it by State order.
Hubbard Website
Lamont Franklin updated the website with the latest family reunion information.  Iris asks if anyone can see this information.  Dianne says, yes but if the family would like, Lamont can create a password so only family members can view it.  The plus side of public access is that sometimes Hubbard descendants we are not aware of check out the website and contact Lamont.  Linda asks about the Hubbard face book group.  Dianne shares that she created a private Hubbard group but has sent a message telling the family to check the website for current family news.  Iris wants to know why face book is needed and why can’t everyone just use the website.  Dianne said the young family members keep in touch with each other via face book, twitter etc.  It’s their form of communication in the same way that some family members use the phone and don’t use the internet at all.  We can reach the young people through face book and tell them to check out information on the website.
Hubbard Reunion July 10-12, 2015/Itinerary of Events
Carolyn reviews the reunion itinerary.  She asks that all youth achievements be send to Linda.  Carolyn reviews hotel information (place, rates, reservation dates, room costs).  Room rates are $119.00 plus tax which totals $131.35 per night.  Reservations must be made by June 22, 2015 to receive discounted reunion rates.  If reserved after June 22nd, discounted reunion rates are not guaranteed.  Hotel check in time is 3:00pm Friday July 10th.  Carolyn reviews the banquet date, location, cost and hours.  The banquet is on Saturday July 11th 6pm-10pm.  We’re allowed exactly 4 hours for the banquet. The banquet is $55.00 per person; children 4 and under are free ($0.00); children 5 to 11 years are half price ($27.50); persons 12 years and older are full price ($55.00). Send cashier’s check or money orders for the banquet to Frank Yellock by May 31, 2015.  No cash or personal checks.  Saturday during the day is for visiting the shopping outlets, cinemas, malls, casino and Sport Time USA.  Friday is relaxing/meet & greet.  It is a free day for the family to do whatever they would like to do.  The family will worship on Sunday July 12th at Geneva Benton’s church (Bethel Baptist Church).  The family needs to arrive by 10:30am.  Geneva is taking care of the Sunday family dinner and she’s waiting for responses concerning the costs of the dinner halls.  The family meeting will be held after Sunday Dinner and checkout will be Monday July 13th 12:00pm.  Michelle says that her phone number on the itinerary needs to be corrected.  It should be (410) 944-1345.  Linda’s address also needs to be corrected.  It should be 3478 N. Chatham Rd. Those changes will be made on the website and Linda will send an e-mail with the corrections.  Carolyn sent out approximately 55 letters and will make corrections before she sends anything else out.  Carolyn said a picnic was not planned because there aren’t any areas for picnics.  All of the grills at parks were taken away.
Bus Transportation
The family reviews the cost of using Bus transportation.  Iris received information from several bus companies listed on her handout.  She said the bus company with the best prices is Woodlawn Motor Coach.  The family can charter a bus for $3,776.00 and the family has to pay for the driver’s room.  It is too late to raise money to pay for the bus, therefore each person riding the bus would have to pay out of pocket.  Linda calculated that the cost per person for 47 bus riders would be $90 per person (including the cost of the bus driver’s room).  If we get 25 bus riders, the cost per person would be $151.00 (including the cost of the bus driver’s room).  The cost per person will decrease if more people ride the bus.  The cost per person will increase if less people ride the bus.  The bus would be available to the family during the reunion but the driver needs an itinerary.  Payments for the bus would go to Michelle Friend.  Carolyn said the hotel has availability for bus parking.  Iris will put down a $100.00 deposit on the bus.  If we cancel the bus, she can get her deposit back.
Iris has a donation and a fundraiser she wants to do.  Iris wants family members to donate hats, scarves and gloves to be given out at the reunion.  Iris wants to do this every year.
Iris also wants to do a fundraiser (via suggestion she received from Andrea Franklin) where each family member buys a $15.00 ticket for a drawing.  The person with the winning ticket will receive one free night at the hotel during the reunion.  If the person with the winning ticket is not going to the reunion, then that person can designate a person (who is going to the reunion) to give the ticket to.  It’s a way to raise money for the family treasury.
Linda wants to do a bowling fundraiser at some point between now and the family reunion so the family can get together, have fun and raise money for the family.
Carolyn said she and Frank want to give out back packs filled with school supplies at the reunion.  Anyone is welcome to bring school supplies to contribute.
Gloria Fodrell of Bronx, NY said she was very happy to hear from the family and would like to come to the reunion.
Calvin Chambers & family will not be able to come.  Haywood and Mildred Chambers are coming.
Carolyn asked if the young people would be interested in having a talent show.  They want ideas for things the older children or young adult children can do.  Carolyn will get information about Play Land for the younger children.
The family will meet again at the end of April or the beginning of May.
  • Yvette Alexander will begin typing an updated family directory in State order.
  • Mary Battle will get current contact information for her family.
  • Geneva Benton will have information for the family dinner.
  • Iris Carter continues to get contact information for her family and will pay $100.00 deposit to reserve the bus.
  • Dianne Franklin will help Aunt Louise (Hubbard) Goode with contact information for Carson Hubbard’s family and type the minutes.
  • Linda Swain will send e-mails with contact corrections for Michelle’s phone number and Linda’s street address.  Linda will send updated contact information and meeting minutes to Lamont so he can update the website.
  • Carolyn Yellock will update Michelle and Linda’s contact information before she sends anything else out.  Carolyn will get more information on Play Land.
Linda adjourns the meeting.
Minutes recorded by:  Dianne Franklin



Welcome Family:
As we have now restructured the Hubbard Family communication protocols and reconfigure the way we select officials that represent the Interest of the Hubbard Family Circle. Moving forward, we... the Hubbard’s consider this to be a new beginning, a new start.
All minutes from the current family official Hierarchy, if you will... has been eradicated.  Moving forward, all meeting minutes will be posted here, on this page. Minutes were not taken during our most current  2014 Hubbard Family Reunion, However; we will do our best to compose from memory for post and keep you up-to-date.

The location and Host of our next Hubbard Family Reunion will be in New York, Hosted by the New York Chapter of the Hubbard Family Circle.
"Have a Bless Day".


Hubbard Family Leadership Structure - Click to enhance
Hubbard Family Leadership Structure - Click to enhance
Agenda for the scheduled October 18, 2014 Hubbard Family Meeting

•             Lay out of the new leadership structure.
o             Out of State Chapter Chairman's
o             Maryland leadership – Since Baltimore make’s up a large portion of the Hubbard Family, (Meaning Aunt Janie's Family Tree) it has been recommended from the out of state Senior family members that we have a Head Chairman in place from the Main Hub (Baltimore) to represent all of the Hubbard family members. This means that he/she shall serve as the primary contact for communicating family business to all Chapter Chairman's Leaders.
o             It is also recommended that we have one Family member to serve as Chairmen – This individual we be the overseer of all family business. (Top of the pyramid) This person must be able and willing to balance family business with his or her own personal business.
NOTE: It is best that the Senior Family Member select this person. 
•             Discuss how best to assist New York in the planning affords for the 2015 Reunion.
o             Assist with fund raisers
o             Planning affords
o             Update the Hubbard Family Bi-Laws accordingly.
o             Family Directory.
•             New business open for discussion.

The meeting was held at Aunt Elizabeth (Love) Friend and Michelle's home.

In attendance were:

Lyndon Wesson, Linda Swain, Iris Carter, Lamont Franklin, Yvette Alexander, Michelle Friend, Elizabeth Friend, Louise Goode, James (Woody) Franklin and Andrea Franklin

This meeting was a direct spin-off from the 2014 Family Reunion Meeting and what was voted and agreed on by all attending family members.

Meeting Opened with Prayer: Yvette Alexander

1. Main Hub - Baltimore, Primary Chairman of the Hubbard Family Circle.
   a. Pending majority vote from the Senior members of the Hubbard Family Circle, expected to be announced by November 1, 2014.
   b. Iris Carter will be soliciting and compiling the votes for this position.
2. Family Leadership Structure and selected Out-of-State Chairman's.  See attachment! .
3. Discussed regular Family Reunion support activies.


1. Based upon our NEW Family Leadership Structure, the Hubbard Family By-Laws required a Revision. (Lamont Franklin)
    a. Completed and e-mailed to family for review and comments.
2. Senior Family selection of the Chairman of the Hubbard Family Circle. (Iris Carter)
3. Determine a candidate for the Virginia Chapter. (Dianne Franklin)
4. Update the Hubbard Family Directory. (Linda & Lamont)
    a. work with all family members to complete.

Meeting Ended with Prayer:  Louise Goode