Hubbard Family Crest
Hubbard Family Crest

Written History

Between 1850 and 1860 Sandy Hubbard married Susan and together they had five (5) living children – Martha Lucy, Hiram Bebe, Robert, Collie and Carson.
These five (5) offspring represent the strong branches of a deeply rooted family tree, the Hubbard Family Tree.  The Hubbard Family tree has produced more strong branches, leaves, fruit and seeds which are scattered about the world and continues to flourish far from their birthplace of Pittsylvania County, Banister Magisterial District, Virginia.
Sandy and Susan are the first generation.  Their five (5) children are the second generation and their thirty two (32) grandchildren are the third generation of the Hubbard Family Tree:
Martha Lucy had two (2) children – Bettie M. and Lonnie.  Hiram Bebe had four (4) children– Wilson, Obie, Mattie and Lena.  Robert had one (1) child – James.
Collie Hubbard married Woodson Hubbard (not related) and had twelve (12) living children – Homer, Lottie, John Wilson, Sallie, Willie Pearl, Robert M., Mattie Sue, Evelyn, Janie, Mary E., Lena and Herman.
Carson Hubbard married Sarah Barber and had eight (8) children – Claudie, Charlie, Annie, Ophelia, Chaney, Mary, Richard and Lacy.  After Sarah died, Carson married Mary Sue Edmonds.  Mary Sue had one (1) daughter and she and Carson had four (4) children together – Mattie, Willie Carson, Nannie, Rebecca and Edward.  All together, Carson had thirteen (13) children.
The first, second and third generations of the family are all deceased but generations four (4) through eight (8) and counting still continue!  The Hubbard descendants are so numerous that several trees had to be made.  We currently have names of approximately 712 family members listed.  Research continues as more information is discovered and the tree continues to grow!  Help us preserve our history for future generations!
Collie’s descendants are the ones who primarily participate in the Hubbard reunions but Aunt Louise who is Carson’s granddaughter, has been a very important part from the beginning.  Many of Carson’s descendants live in East Baltimore and some have participated in past Hubbard events as well.
Carson had thirteen branches - Claudie, Charlie, Annie, Ophelia, Chaney, Mary, Richard, Lacy, Mattie, Willie C., Nannie, Rebecca and Edward.
 As we look back at the forefathers of this great family, we can readily see why we, as Hubbards stand tall, firm and courageous.  We truly know the essence of our name.  For to be a Hubbard challenges us to be successful in life. To be a Hubbard orders us to properly prepare for life. To be a Hubbard requires that we have love in our hearts and live a life of peace and unity. Finally, to be a Hubbard means we shall never, ever forget from where the lord has brought us.

Our First Hubbard Historian

Louise Alice Hubbard Goode (aka “Aunt Louise”) is a 4th generation descendant of the Hubbard family through her father Claudie, Sr., and her grandfather Carson Hubbard (the youngest son of Sandy & Susan).  In the time Aunt Louise was doing research, the modern technology we enjoy today (computers, internet access and research data bases) was not available.  Aunt Louise had to travel to Washington D.C. to research Hubbard family history, talked to 3rd generation family members and kept track of current events in order to maintain the history throughout the years.  When she stepped down as historian, the Hubbard family had a good historical foundation.  As of this writing, Aunt Louise is 82 years old!  Thank you Aunt Louise for your tremendous efforts in establishing a historical foundation for the Hubbard Family!
History of the Hubbard Crest

The Hubbard Crest was designed and developed by Franklin Lamont Hubbard (deceased) also known as “Lamont”.  Lamont is a 5th generation descendant of the Hubbard family through his father Claudie, Jr., his grandfather Claudie, Sr. and his great grandfather Carson Hubbard (the youngest son of Sandy & Susan).  The “H” on the Crest represents the “Hubbard” name.  The lions on either side of the “H” represent the patriarch and matriarch of the Hubbard Family (Sandy & Susan).  The five stars at the top of the Crest represent Sandy & Susan’s children (Martha Lucy, Hiram Bebe, Robert, Collie and Carson).  The lion at the bottom represents the future generations.  Although Lamont is no longer with us, we appreciate his contribution of the Hubbard Crest as an invaluable representation of the Hubbard Family.
Hubbard Reunion History

About October 1981, the first Hubbard family reunion was organized at the home of Mary Hubbard Barksdale.  Those in attendance were:
  • Mary E. Hubbard Barksdale (Collie, Sandy Hubbard)
  • Janie Hubbard Banks & daughters Betty Bell and Stella J. Grate (Collie, Sandy Hubbard)
  • Elizabeth “Loves” Friend (Willie P., Collie, Sandy Hubbard)
  • Louise Hubbard Goode (Claudie Sr, Carson, Sandy Hubbard)
  • Hilbert (Hilda) Knotts-Matthews (Annie, Carson, Sandy Hubbard)
The descendants of Collie Hubbard and the descendants of Carson Hubbard participate in the Hubbard reunions but we look forward to the day when we meet other Hubbard descendants.  We would love to hear from anyone who knows the whereabouts of the descendants of Lucy, Bebe and Robert.
Reunion Locations

1982  Baltimore, MD
1983  Baltimore, MD
1984  Detroit, MI
1985  Baltimore, MD
1986  White Plains, NY
1987  Laurel, MD/Washington DC
1988  Detroit, MI
1989  Baltimore, MD
1990  Baltimore, MD
1991  White Plains, NY
1992  Roxboro, NC
1993  Baltimore, MD
1994 Baltimore, MD
1995  Baltimore, MD
1996  Ossining, NY
1997  Detroit, MI
1998  Roanoke, VA
1999  Mystic, CT
2000  Baltimore, MD – Hubbard Ball
2001  New York City, NY – Hubbard Cruise
2002  Baltimore, MD – Hubbard Picnic (not a reunion)
2003  Myrtle Beach, SC
2004 Baltimore, MD
2005  Crewe, VA
2006  Woodbridge, NJ
2007  Baltimore, MD – Silver Anniversary
2008  Baltimore, MD
2009  Charlotte, NC
2010  White Plains, NY – “New York Style”
2012  Prince Georges County, MD – 30th Anniversary – National Harbor
2013  Baltimore, MD – Hubbard Picnic (not a reunion)
2014  Anne Arundel County, MD
2015  Tarrytown, NY
2016  Baltimore, MD
2018  Hagerstown, MD
2019  Rocky Mount, NC
2020  Anne Arundel County, MD - Postponed Due to Coronavirus pandemic.
2021 Anne Arundel County, MD

History Research

Research has currently been gathered from the U.S. Censuses of 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 (, research database, geneology, Heritage,  Research has also been gathered from obituaries, wedding programs, announcements, birth announcements, invitations; Hubbard History information from former historian Louise Hubbard Goode; the historian’s participation in Hubbard events; conversations with family members and information gathered from family members for the family tree.  Current historical data gathered by Dianne Franklin, wife of Woody Franklin (Aillen, Mary E., Collie, Sandy Hubbard).  (Age as of this writing – 53)