Praise The Lord
Praise The Lord
It’s time to Pay Your Family Dues/Pledge
Ahhhh….nobody wants to talk about money, but we all know that money is needed to function, operate, manage or run any organization.   The Hubbard Family Circle is no exception.  We are asking that every adult member of the Hubbard Family lineage make a pledge to the family in the amount of $40.00.  This amount is due annually to offset the expenses of postage, deposits on facilities, copying materials, printing tickets and any other incidentals that may come up.  (The Pledge year runs from September to September of each year).
We certainly welcome guest visitors and family friends that visit our website, to pledge whatever they deem appropriate to assist our efforts to bring unity towards the Hubbard Famly Circle family members.

If paying by check or money order, make payable to our Treasurer – Michelle Friend and mailed to her at:

            Michelle Friend
            6206 Liberty Heights Terrace
            Baltimore, Md. 21207

If paying by "Cash App"
Send to -
Cash App $MAF70

Thank you in advance for your kindness and display of love toward your Hubbard Family.

Mrs. Linda Swain

Head Chairman of the Hubbard Family Circle



When the Hubbard Family pulls together, we can make it happen!